Making chocolate honeycomb

What’s nicer than a bag of honeycomb? A bag of chocolate honeycomb!

I hear from a lot of people about how difficult it is to make honeycomb and they’re not wrong. Even now I can quite easily mess up a batch of honeycomb for any amount of reasons, but as they say practice makes perfect, all you have to do is make sure you remember several things and have the right equipment. The most important is a good thermometer as it is important to hit the right temperature or you have a failure before you’ve really started.

I’m constantly working to perfect my technique because I have in my mind how I see the perfect chocolate honeycomb. I want height, crispness and of course a great flavour!

So there are several no-nos including do not pour honeycomb into a metal tin as this continues the cooking process and avoid humidity.

I also use a good quality Belgian chocolate, both milk and dark; the milk is just over 30% cocoa solids and the dark is quite mild at 54%.

I love being at Bantry Market on a Friday and am always amazed when I see that this one product is so very popular, regularly selling out no matter how much I make.

If my customers enjoy eating my chocolate honeycomb as much as I enjoy making it then I’m happy.